What is a Moissanite – lab grown diamond?

Moissanite – Lab grown diamonds, also known as man-made or created diamonds, are made in a lab, so there’s no harm to the environment or people like there is with mining. These lab grown diamonds look exactly the same as the ones we get from mining. The only difference is their origin. They are just as real a flower grown in a greenhouse, or ice made in your refrigerator.

Moissanite – Lab created diamonds go through the same process as mined diamonds. They start as carbon atoms under high heat and pressure, sticking together to form a crystal structure. After they’re fully formed, they are cut and polished to maximize their brilliance. Just like mined diamonds, the lab-grown ones come in different colors and clarity grades.

Lab grown diamonds vs mined diamonds

Since 2018, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says both lab grown and mined diamonds are the real deal. The only thing setting them apart is where they come from. Unlike mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds, have a guaranteed origin.

Just by looking, you can’t tell if a diamond is lab grown or mined. Even gemologists, using regular methods and tools, can’t distinguish between a polished mined diamond and a polished lab grown one without fancy technology.

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