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One this particular evening I was so comfortable wearing my house slippers that, if the doorbell hadn’t rung, I definitely would’ve dozed off to sleep. I thought I knew who it was. He and I had agreed last week that we would watch a film together at my place. But when I opened the door, it was not who I expected. 
At my doorstep stood a courier. He was holding a giant box, which came with a card. I recognized the handwriting immediately. Yes, it was from him!
“I have a high fever and won’t be able to watch the film with you,” the card read. “However, you can cover yourself with this blanket, put this pillow around your neck, snack on our favorite cookies, and feel as if we’re truly watching the film together…”
Even though that night we watched the film separately, ever since then, if one of us was unable to make our date, we would send a gift to make up for it. Sometimes the gift was a book. Other times a desk lamp. One time I received jewelry because I was going to a wedding. The gift was always accompanied by a card with a short yet playful text, using words whose depth we both understood. 
Over time, our lives filled up with various useful objects and meaningful cards. These things further strengthened our relationship, which shad started all the way back when we went to school together. This is how we kept it new and fresh. 
Because a gift is a relationship and a relationship is an even greater gift. 
Hello, I’m Etnou Smith and
I have a gift for you. 😉
Etnou Smith
My profile
Gender: Female
Age: 32 years old and she never hides it
Hobby: As banal as it may sound, giving and receiving gifts
Style: She’s not stuck on one style. It depends on the situation. 

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