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It’s that time of year again, Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and we all are excited about giving as well as receiving perfect gifts, hidden under the lower branches of the Christmas tree. But the thing is, no matter how well we know someone, we struggle to discern their hidden wishes and desires. And here comes Etnou, an online gift shop that will help to charm everyone on your list with its collection of thoughtful gift boxes. Etnou – Georgian start up business launched this year in New York, the United States – offers a combination of jewelry and home decor accessories in gift sets through an online store. Established by two friends, Nanuka Tevzadze and Tamuna Japaridze, Etnou offers sophisticated, elegant and unique ready-made gift boxes, both for women and men, regardless of age.

Q. Could you please tell us how the idea of establishing Etnou was born? 

A. Living in New York, walking its streets and observing interesting, different features is an inspiration of ideas for me. My friend, Tamuna Japaridze, and I have always wanted to create a common business, which would be new, interesting for us, and related to New York.

We didn’t think much of the idea. We both love gifts, no matter the item. After all, a gift is a materialized attention, and we, as humans, enjoy this attention. Following this idea, we created our slogan – ‘A gift is a relationship, and a relationship is an even greater gift’. 

Etnou is a fantasy name made on a black background with a special font in golden color, where O represents enso’s [‘circle – one of the deepest symbols in Japanese Zen] symbol associated with light, infinity, elegance. Etnou is a 32-year-old woman whose hobby is collecting and giving gifts.

Q. What is inside Etnou gift boxes? 

A. In Etnou gift boxes you will find a combination of jewelry (necklaces, pendants, bracelets, brooches) with various usable, functional accessories and home decorative items. Each box is wrapped using branded gift tags, with each customer receiving our branded gift bag and ready to ship directly to the recipient.

It is also very important that we provide a handwritten greeting card to the recipient, indicating the desired text. The drawing of the greeting card was created by Irina Tevzadze exclusively for Etnou and is unique.

Each item is marked with the Etnou brand and is individually selected with its functional purpose and color range, but they form a single composition as a whole.

We also have Moissanite, the so-called lab diamond line – a precious stone visually alternative to diamond –  and the jewelry made of the mentioned stone creates a precious, outrageous and impressive visual for ladies. A Moissanite jewelry set also makes a great gift for any holiday.

Etnou gift box does not contain only one item, but a combination of items that we think will satisfy the taste of any customer. That’s exactly why there are minimum three items in Etnou gift boxes, because the unity of these items creates an unforgettable emotion for the gifted person.

Q. What are Etnou’s perfect Christmas and New Year gifts?

A. Christmas is a special holiday in the states, and New Year is a special holiday for Georgia. As all Etnou gift sets cater to the requirements of the New Year theme, we additionally offer our customers a festive gift fest, which involves a variety of special offers and additional gifts. 

Q. The company is not even a year old yet. Could you please tell us at what stage of development the company is and what are your future plans?

A. We’ve been working on the project for almost one year. In the first phase, the online store was launched in America just three weeks ago. Initial orders have already been received.

The good news is that our brand has been successfully registered and is now available on Amazon. Our gift boxes will gradually appear on eBay and Etsy platforms.

As our company is based and currently operates in the United States, initial sales are across the US. It is planned to start sales throughout Georgia from March 2024, with a price policy adapted to the Georgian market. Although it is still possible to purchase from Georgia, the delivery time varies from 8-12 days.

On December 29 we will meet in the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi where we will introduce the concept and products of our brand. We will also participate in the Christmas market in Georgia, where for the first time, it will be possible to buy our gift sets with a special offer.

The company also plans to sell gift sets in different countries of the world using various retail sales platforms in the future.

At the same time, a collaboration project is running as part of which meetings are planned with Georgian companies to promote them in the US market using our sales channels.

As part of our loyalty program we will also offer the membership of the Etnou Club to our loyal customers. Privileged conditions of the Club will also include organizing networking events for them.

Receiving corporate orders and wholesale sales are also planned for next year. 

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